Piazza Del Duomo 

 Throughout 2017 and early 2018 Liam completed a huge project of highly detailed illustrations depicting Piazza Del Duomo, Firenze from several different aerial  perspectives. This was achieved after months of detailed planning and drawing, using over one hundred reference photos and the aid of google maps to accomplish the final result. Liam chose this location for his first large scale drawings for its beauty and its historical and architectural importance. 

Using pen and ink on watercolour paper Liam created two black and white illustrations measuring 60cm x 84cm one landscape one portrait. Focusing on structural details such as Santa Maria de Flore's intricate facade and the famous Brunelleschi's Dome. Also included in both illustrations are Giotto's Campaline and the Baptistery of St. John as well as many other iconic locations in the Cathedral square district.   

Liam then fully rendered these highly detailed illustrations on photoshop in full colour to create two vibrant and incredibly unique depictions of Florence unlike anything else.Each illustration was a huge undertaking each taking over five hundred hours to complete. The second in the series being the Portrait alternative Liam decided to experiment with mixed media and hand paint the original ink illustration with acrylic paint.     

Alternative Colours

Experimenting with colour schemes.  What if the Cathedral was built with entirely different material?A British sand coloured limestone or a different tile to the traditional clay terracotta ones we're all so familiar with? Maybe it would look something like this.

Florence At Christmas

A new rendering of the original pen and ink illustration adding christmas lights and decorations to create a wintery christmas theme.  

Using Format